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Essay Checking for International Students

Hi there!

You are an international student in the U.S. pursuing your degree. English is your second language and the hardest part of your program is writing essays!

You know you can write an essay, but you want someone to check your essay for grammar, structure, and expression to make sure it looks like a native English student.   

So we created an essay-checking service for international students. Our experts will review your admission essay, term paper, research paper, and others (CV, recommendation letter, e-mail, and cover letter) within 1 business day starting at just $5.

Do you also have low confidence in your essay and research paper? Do you also want a service like this? We are here for you!


Trust, Trust, and Trust

Trust is most important for our company. We are secure and confidential with your essay. We will lead you on a path to a successful academic journey. 


Proofreading and Personal Feedback 

We are not an AI grammar checking program. We are not only an essay checking service, but also personalized feedback for your essay will be provided.


The qualified expert

Our experts are all native English speakers and provide an exceptional service and quality within 1 business day for $5 per page. You will see!

Our team

Dr. Kern

I am a professional academic reviewer and I provide quality work to exceed your expectations.

Mrs. Lydia

I am an experienced, tenacious, student-oriented editor and research writer.

Professor Eric

I am a hard-working, focused, and honest academic reviewer. You can rely on me for your essays.

Services we provide

1. Statement of Purpose (SOP) & Admission Essays


Are you planning to apply for the higher education? Do you want to make sure you are following the school’s prompt? Please let our experts to check it for you. We will make sure that you are following each requirement of the SOP so that you get admission letters from the schools!

$9 per page (up to 250 words) within 1 business day.


2. Essay Assignments

We know you want to get a good grade while studying in the U.S. Give us the essay assignment instruction and your essay so that we can ensure you are following the instruction and topic. Oh! Of course we will check your grammar and structure, too.

$9 per page (up to 250 words) within 1 business day.



3. Research Papers

Are you planning to submit your paper to a journal? Are you afraid that the peer reviewers would know you are a non-native English speaker? We got you!

We will review your research paper with grammar, context, and structure. You don’t have to worry!

$9 per page (up to 250 words) within 1 business day.



4. Others

We also review your CV, recommendation letter, cover letter, and etc. Let us maximize your chances of receiving admission letter from your ideal school! 

$5 per page (up to 250 words) within 1 business day.


Open Hours

M-F: 8am – 6pm

S & S: closed